VTC driver for MIPTV in Cannes

Do you want to book a vehicle and a driver for the MIPTV in Cannes as part of your participation in this event? Azur VTC will provide you with a private chauffeur, with proven professionalism to lend himself to your services. No matter what your expectations are, the fact that they are related to the MPTV and the city of Cannes guarantees that we are able to meet them.

Indeed, the Marché international des programmes de télévision (MIPTV) is a full-scale event that brings together professionals from the audiovisual industry. It is also a unique opportunity to not only discover new content, but also make partnerships and distribution deals. Whether you are a producer, distributor, curator or international buyer, it is necessary that your image fits the scope of the event by offering you better travel conditions.

Transfer services from the airport to your place of residence

Given the importance and scale of the MPTV event, have you chosen to arrive in Cannes a few hours before the actual start? This is probably the most reliable way to make sure you don’t miss anything about the opportunity and the benefits you can gain from it. But how to ensure the connection between the venue and your hotel? The solution is quite simple: contact Azur VTC to have a driver for MIPTV in Cannes at your disposal.

Whether from Nice airport, Cannes airport or from your boat, your private driver will ensure your transfer safely to your hotel. It is even better if you book the services the day before. In this case, our driver will arrange to be waiting for you in the arrival hall or on the dock well before your arrival. In his professional way, he will be at your service from that moment on and throughout your stay.

If you are arriving in a team or family, the VTC taxi driver we assign to your service will know in what condition to apply to please each of you. He will, for example, get involved in loading your luggage into the vehicle and everything that goes with it. If necessary, on the way, he can take you on emergency errands such as bank withdrawals, taking shortcuts to save you time.

A private driver for MIPTV in Cannes for comfortable shuttles

Taking part in an event as important as this international television programme market requires you to care for your image and put yourself on the same level as the participants. This explains the need to hire the services of a private and experienced driver to ensure your various movements.

Thus, from your place of residence to the Palais de Festivals et des Congrès where the events will take place, our driver will put his driving know-how at your service. Our professionals have a significant notion of promptness and are endowed with an excellent professional conscience.

With luxury vehicles worthy of your VIP class, you’ll meet every appointment on time. Between the Mercedes Vito, or the E-Class, S-Class, or even the limousine, we guarantee your travel in comfort and safety. The VTC taxis are also equipped with the latest technology, namely:

  • a unlimited 4G wifi connection available;
  • Optimal air conditioning;
  • a baby seat or child booster seat;
  • A touch pad.
  • A mobile phone with unlimited calls in France.

Moreover, if you are planning to do some tourism on the sidelines of MIPTV, our private driver will also put his perfect knowledge of the geography of the Côte d’Azur at your service.

Azur VTC: ensuring your travel in comfort and peace of mind

As a leading company in the VTC taxi in Côte d’Azur, we ensure the satisfaction of our customers. To do so, our drivers, most of whom are bilingual, are continuously trained to drive you efficiently and safely.

In addition to a private driver, we provide you with our fleet of vehicles consisting of luxurious, spacious and elegant cars. It’s up to you to decide which one is right for you! Trust our professionalism for all your business and personal trips to Cannes, Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, Saint-Tropez, Monaco, etc.