Mercantour Park, the wonderful nature of the French Provence

The Mercantour Park is located between Provence and Italy a few kilometers from Nice. It offers a variety of landscapes, animals and plants unique in the world. Its biodiversity interests all the lovers of the nature and makes an interesting visit during your stay in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Azur VTC offers many excursions on the French Riviera in a chauffeur-driven vehicle and we can organize your transport to the Mercantour Park. It is a comfortable way to discover this exceptional nature from Cannes or anywhere on the Côte d’Azur.

The Mercantour Park

The Mercantour is one of nine French national parks. It is one of the three parks in the Alps. It extends south of the Alpine arch between Barcelonnette and Nice. Its geographical location between sea and mountain makes it an ecological crossroads unique in Europe. Thus the park is home to thousands of species.

The Mercantour has a unique climate as it is influenced by the warm air coming from Italy, the cold air coming from the northern Alps and the warm, dry air coming from French Provence. These climatological conditions associated with a wide variety of soils are conducive to a great diversity of vegetation. The park is home to 40 endemic species.


The Mercantour is also home to many animal species such as chamois, ibex, mouflons and even wolves that have reappeared some twenty years ago. You can also see birds of prey such as the Golden Eagle or the Bearded Vulture.

The Mercantour Park welcomes approximately 30,000 visitors during the summer. It’s not a nature reserve, so it’s open to the public, but you still have to follow a few rules. The park is forbidden to dogs, hunting and gathering.

Hiking in the Mercantour

The park offers a wide choice of hiking trails for all levels. It is the best way to discover its preserved nature.

Numerous hikes are recorded with the circuit, duration and level of difficulty on the site:

The Alpha Park

At Saint-Martin Vesubie, at the gates of Mercantour, the animal park Alpha hosts wolves in semi-freedom that can be observed safely. It is a unique opportunity to observe these legendary animals that had disappeared from our mountains.

loup mercantour

Alpha Park offers an educational path that will appeal to both parents and children.


Transportation on French Riviera

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