Learning About the Palais Festivals Cannes

If you’re looking to visit France, you will want to visit the Palais Festivals Cannes. This building is host to many very famous events, including the Cannes Film Festival. The festival is so popular that it’s often a good judge of films that will go on to win major awards after their release, and is also a good way to find out about new directors and other top talent in the film industry.

To better plan your trip to Cannes and to the Palais Festivals Cannes check out some interesting facts about the building itself and the most famous film festival in the world. This will help you to better get around the city especially during its popular events.

The Palais

The Palais went through a complete modernization beginning in the year 2013. It now offers some sweeping modern lines with a clean, simple but classic look and oversized glass windows around each level. The Grand Auditorium foyer was created to give a voluminous look and feeling to the entryway. The atrium is oversized and modernized with a pure white marble that creates a very bright look.

The Grand Auditorium itself was also recently renovated, with luxury materials covering the 2300 chairs inside. The chairs were purposely built to tilt back slightly, giving each person a full view of the entire auditorium while maintaining full comfort.

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The Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival may be the most well-known film festival in the world, and one of the most important events in the film industry. The festival takes over the city of Cannes for two weeks in May and it welcomes the best in the industry, including actors and actresses, directors, and producers. The festival debuts a number of films from industry veterans as well as up and coming stars and directors.

If you were to visit Cannes during the festival, you may be lucky enough to see your favorite stars and others in the industry as they vacation along the Mediterranean. You can also spend your days taking day trips around Provence or Monaco.

If you do visit the festival, be sure you get your tickets in advance as they book up early and especially for anticipated films. The Palais Festivals Cannes is the best chance you may have to see your favorite stars and check out a film before it ever hits theaters.