Hire a chauffeur for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations

With Azur VTC you have the option of hiring a private driver during the Christmas holiday season. During this festive and intense period, we all make many trips for Christmas shopping, visiting family or navigate Eve by Eve.

Afford the services of a private driver during Christmas and New Year’s celebrations is a beautiful gift to be. This mode of transport offers many advantages.

Shopping for Christmas

During the period of end of year, everyone is taken from a buyer and contagious fever. You have to buy the groceries for Christmas Eve and New Year. You also have to buy Christmas gifts.

Malls and gift shops are crowded. It is difficult to park or take public transportation. Hire a private driver will allow you to shop in comfort on board of a luxury sedan.

Your private chauffeur can drop you where you want and wait for you. We have rates by time displayed on the rates page.

Partying without looking breathalyzer

Do not drink and drive! New year eve is an opportunity to gather with family and friends. It is also a time to party and drink a little alcohol. Save yourself from the fear of alcohol test with your private driver who can take you from party to party.

Travel with style

The prestige of coming to a reception on board of a car with driver is affordable with Azur VTC service. You can make a good impression to your guests arriving with a Mercedes S class led by a driver.

So with your private driver Azur VTC, you can move comfortably during the holidays of years. Shopping is a pleasure, revelers can live the present moment without concerns and you can travel with style.

To reserve your VTC driver during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve, complete the booking form or call us at 06 48 28 98 15.