Four good reasons to choose a private hire instead of a taxi

Many taxi drivers are angry against chauffeur driven vehicles currently. Indeed taxis complain against this new transportation service because of the competition. The service is similar but not exactly the same.

Regulation is strict and interest to favor the private vehicle with driver depends on the situation. It is for instance not possible to stop a private car with driver in the street for a fare because you need to pre-book it.

Azur VTC offers a chauffeur service with sedan. You will see in this article 4 good reasons to choose a private hire rather than a taxi.

Transparent and competitive rates

Unlike taxi that charges per kilometer, private hire offers a price depending on the fare or over time. In all cases the rate is agreed in advance and there are no surprises at checkout. With this system, the driver always rides you without any detour. Azur VTC prices are clearly displayed on the site.

Personalized service

With the private hire you can ask your driver personalized service. Travelling with children? We provide you with baby seats. You need a vehicle with high capacity? We can transport you in 7 seats car. Want to take a ride in the hinterland of Cannes? We guide you on the beautiful roads of the French Riviera.

Everything is possible and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Transport discreetly

Private hire have no distinguishing mark. There is no particular sign on the car, they are unmarked vehicles. It is perfect transportation if you want to move discreetly for your business appointments for example.

Transportation reservation

Private hire are available by reservation, it’s even a legal requirement. You can book your car with driver in advance and you can be sure that your driver will pick you up. For example if you are looking for a transfer from Nice International Airport, book your Azur VTC driver. He will greet you at the airport bearing a sign with your name.

As you can see Azur VTC offers an outstanding and flexible service. Private hire is an alternative to the taxi but it doesn’t replace it. If you are looking for a fare while you are in the street then the taxi is the best solution. But if you want to book a discrete and professional driver in Cannes, Azur VTC is definitely the best option.