Private hire and tour from Quai Laubeuf, Cannes harbour

If you make a stopover in Cannes, there’s a good chance you land at Laubeuf Dock on the harbour. It’s a great starting point for exploring Cannes and its surroundings. That said you will perhaps not have much time to enjoy this getaway. With Azur VTC, book your private hire and your chauffeur will be waiting for you in Cannes harbour at the Quai Laubeuf to take you to the prestigious city of Cannes.

We offer comfortable and affordable transport service for either a single race since the Quay Laubeuf or a tour tailored along with a local driver familiar with the area.

Transport Quai Laubeuf

Our chauffeur service in Cannes harbour is comparable to a taxi unless you need to book your fare to enjoy it. Also we are a professional chauffeur company and it is close to our heart to offer a transport service exceeding the requirements of our customers.

We drive in a Mercedes S-class sedan with a great comfort. We also offer a multitude of small free services to make your trip more enjoyable.

Indeed we have wifi on board, the press of the day, a bottle of water, a child seat on request and many other touches to make your transfer from the Quai Laubeuf a moment more pleasant.

Tour from Cannes harbour

If you have several hours or even the day for a tour by car from dock Laubeuf, Azur VTC offers to show you Cannes, the Cannes hinterland, or whatever you want to your desires.

With a tour in the company of VTC Azur you are free to be guided or request a custom tour that meets all your requirements. Our driver is a real Cannes citizen and knows the area. Make a tour with Azur VTC, is the assurance of an authentic discovery of the city of Cannes in comfort.

Your driver will also advise you on the best restaurants, the best beaches or the best attractions to visit in Cannes. To book your transport from the Quai Laubeuf in Cannes, please contact us by using the booking form or by calling us on 06 48 28 98 15 and we will wait for you at the Cannes harbour.