Discovering the Power of Music in Cannes with MIDEM 2015

Is your life music? Do you love to make music? Want to learn how to better sell your music? If so, then MIDEM 2015 is the place for you! This year, MIDEM will take place from the 5-8 of June right here in Cannes, France.

Some of you might be wondering just what this event is about. Others of you might want to learn more about what is in store for this event this year. Read on to learn more.

What is MIDEM All About?

MIDEM is an international conference all about music. It is where music makers, tech heads, businesses, and others all gather to celebrate the business of music. Want to learn more about music in marketing? Looking to sell some of your music? Or maybe you just want to buy some unique music for your own use?

Either way, MIDEM offers something for you. Even if you are simply a music professional looking to keep abreast of the newest developments in the industry, MIDEM can help. With over 6,000 participants from over 75 countries and 46 concerts, you are sure to find something that speaks to you.

The Program

For several years now, MIDEM has been a highly respected international music conference. Past speakers include Danae Ringelmann, co-founder of Indiegogo, Paul Williams, artist and Chairman of the Board of ASCAP, as well as Harvey Goldsmith, a UK producer and promoter of renown.

This year the conference will feature yet another fabulous keynote speaker like those listed above. Talks that center on educating you more about developments in the industry, getting to know the business side of music, and even a 2-day hackathon will all be featured. This is sure to be an event you will not want to miss.

Getting to MIDEM 2015

We are more than happy to offer auto transport to all events in and around Cannes, France. This includes this years’ MIDEM conference and much more. If you need professional, fast, and knowledgeable local transportation to and from MIDEM, simply give us a call today. When we serve as your chauffeur service you are never stranded.

MIDEM brings a unique conference, experience, and opportunity to the area. Head on over to the MIDEM webpage today to get registered for the 2015 conference this summer. You can find out everything you need to know here:

Disclaimer : Azur VTC is independant company with no links with the brand MIDEM.