4 attractions you should not miss in Cannes

Cannes city in France is a popular destination for travelers from around the world. This prestigious port of the French Riviera offers many tourist attractions. If the city is known for the Cannes Film Festival, there are also other wonders to be discovered as « la croisette », the old town, the Castre Museum or the beautiful beaches along the Mediterranean Sea.

In this article you can find 4 attractions you should not miss in Cannes.

Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival takes place every year in May and lasts a little less than 2 weeks. This is one of the world’s most famous festivals. The famoust stars will come together on the red carpet to present their films. The city also hosts another festival less known and restricted to professional: MIPCOM.

The old city

The streets of the old town are lined with souvenir shops and restaurants. Located on top of the old town of Cannes, the « Chateau de la Castre » has stunning views of the city and Mediterranean coasts.

cannes old town

Castre Museum

The Castre Museum offers a cultural break at a reasonable cost. The museum has a collection of arts of Provence and elsewhere. Provencal arts are mostly landscape paintings.

Cannes beaches

Cannes is a port on the Mediterranean Sea and it has many public and private beaches. You can pay to have a comfortable recliner in the day on a private beach downtown or go further east to get free access to public beaches.

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