Antibes, France: Your Next Mediterranean Destination

Are you looking for an exciting and beautiful place to visit? Thinking about visiting France or the Mediterranean? Then Antibes, France might just be the destination for you. This historical seaside resort town offers tourists and locals quite a bit to do.

It has been a destination for tourists since the 1800s. Pablo Picasso loved this area, and once you learn more about it, it is easy to see why. Here, we will tell you more about the great places to see and go in and around Antibes, France.

History of Antibes, France

Antibes, France has been inhabited since around the 5th century, BC. Greeks found it a great hub for trading due to its natural port. The town survived through the Roman Empire, as well as being conquered by the Barbarians.

A few centuries after, strong walls were erected around the town. During the Middle Ages, these protected the town from all kinds of local threats. It was not until the middle 1800s that people who were of the upper European classes began to head to Antibes to experience the beauty of the seaside town. In the 1940s, Picasso stayed there for half a year.

Things to See

One of the biggest draws of tourists to Antibes is the beautiful, local beaches. There are a number of museums and historical landmarks in the town. Be sure to check out the Picasso Castle. We also highly recommend that you check out the Absinthe Museum, as well. To learn more about Antibes, visit La Tour Museum.

The Naval Museum of Napoleon is a place that commemorates the life and legacy of Napoleon. There are also several gardens and parks in the area. The Exflora, which is open to the public, is probably the most well-known.

Places to Go

Looking to actually experience culture and not just see it? Even so, Antibes has a lot that you can do. Jazz is very popular within the city. Jazz a Juan is an important annual Jazz festival that takes place in June. You can also attend The Festival of Sacred Music each year in January at the Antibes Cathedral.

The Marche Provencal is a fantastic place to go shopping. When it comes to experiencing the nightlife in the area, you might want to try out the Colonial Pub for an English style pub, or La Balade to try a bit of absinthe.

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