Your chauffeur for AMRAE 2015 in Cannes France

This year’s annual conference of AMRAE (Association for the Risk Management and the Company’s Insurance) will take place in Cannes from February 4 to 6. If you want a private driver for traveling at this conference, Azur VTC provides a transport vehicle with driver in Cannes.

We specialize in covering Congress in Cannes and provide private transportation service upscale and affordable.

What’s AMRAE

The AMRAE is an association that brings together enterprise risk management professionals. Enterprise risk management is now a critical aspect of the economic strategy of the major groups.

The risk managers work to find appropriate responses to the different risks facing their businesses. If most of this work cover computer risks such as bugs or hacks, companies are also exposed to risks related to production, the law or with taxation.

AMRAE therefore brings together the many people with different profiles. Its purpose is to provide maximum information to all its members.

AMRAE 2015

The event will take place over three days and will feature lectures and workshops for contractors risk management.

Video of AMRAE 2014:

For this 2015 edition of The AMRAE meetings, the organizers have chosen the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. The hall of convention of Cannes has just been renovated. This is no doubt an excellent choice for any event and will fulfill all the participants in the meetings of the AMRAE.

Your chauffeur for AMRAE 2015

A great way to get to Cannes to attend the meetings AMRAE 2015 is to fly to land at Nice airport. Our chauffeur service allows you to book a car that will pick you up at Nice International airport and take you to your hotel.

In addition to the simple transfer from Nice airport to Cannes, you have the option of hiring a private driver for the three days of the conference.

We offer a per-day and we drive Mercedes Class S. This extremely practical service will give a prestigious image to your business.

To book your car with driver, complete the booking form or contact us for more information.

Websites of AMRAE :

Disclaimer : Azur VTC is independant company with no links with the brand AMRAE.