Azur VTC : your private hire in Cannes France

Traveling is something that many people get to take advantage of throughout their lifetime.  With the ability to use a private hire in Cannes for your travels, you will have a source of VIP transportation to get you from one location to another throughout the day.  Whether you are visiting Cannes or if you are a resident that is tired of finding different methods of transportation on a daily basis, using a private hire is a great benefit.

Finding a Private Hire

One of the largest advantages to using a private hire is that it isn’t a source of transportation that is available to anyone on the street, in comparison to taxis and public transportation.  Instead of hailing a cab from the side of the street, you will have to contact us directly in order to ensure that you have a car readily available at your disposal whenever you need it.

This adds to the allure of this method of transportation as it is essentially one-of-a-kind and it allows you to know that you will have a car and a driver to take you anywhere that you desire and at any time of the day or night.

How Does it Work?

The process of getting a private hire with azur VTC is quite simple.  First you fill the booking form available on our website. Then we will confirm your travel.

You will then have the opportunity to be picked up from the airport of Nice France as soon as you arrive so you don’t have to wait in a long lineup for a taxicab like the majority of other travelers at the airport.  This helps to make your trip seamless and simple as you will be able to know that you have a vehicle waiting for you as soon as you land.

The rest of the process pertains to where you want to go and when you want to be picked up as you can call your private hire in Cannes and have them arrive at your hotel and take you to your desired location.

Transportation to Anywhere

Above all, hiring a private hire in Cannes is the most advantageous because it gives you a source of transportation to anywhere that you desire.  Whether you are interested in having private transportation on the French Riviera or if you simply want to go to a shopping centre down the street, the choices are completely up to you.